Let There Be Light 2014

ltbl poster 2014


Let There Be LIght is generously sponsored by CenturyLink.

Cubes (2014) – Mark Nizer

Video mapping is used to project extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement onto a pyramid of cubes. The work combines with, and is triggered by, audio to create an audio-visual explosion. Video mapping, also known as projection mapping and spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to turn objects—in this case a pyramid of cubes—into a display surface for video projection.


In The Night Kitchen (2014) – Beryl Solla

Ghostly kitchen implements inhabit the landscape.

In the Night Kitchen

In the Night Kitchen

You’ve Got the Whole World in Your Hands (2014) – James Yates

Reach out and the world of nature unfolds in the palm of your hand.




Shrine (2014) – Visualabs

An illuminated tribute to the light of reason.

While You Wait in the Dark (2014) – Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell & Marianne Kubik

While You Wait in the Dark is a microgallery of mystery. The Attendant asks you to spend 5 minutes alone inside the box. She will keep track of the time and hold your belongings and/or children and/or pets. She will not tell you what is inside.

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Blinking Toad (2014) – Lydia Moyer

A white toad sits stone still in the culvert pipe.  Watch him long enough and he eventually blinks. Looping digital animation, rear projected on screen, installed in culvert pipe.

Fast Money (2014) – Tim Michel & Mark Schuyler

Interactive Video Loop

200 (2014) – Peter Krebs & James Hopkins

200 is a video projection of a dialog in 200-character txt-message poems between two friends separated by great distance.


On Alien Pond (2014) – Jarn Heil

Reports of unnatural beasties on the pond.