Let There Be Light 2015

WHEN: Friday, December 11th, 6 – 9 PM (Rain Date: Sat., Dec. 12th)
WHERE: The grounds surrounding the V. Earl Dickinson Building at Piedmont Virginia Community College, 501 College Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22902
FEE: Free and open to the public
INFORMATION: 434-977-6918, info@LetThereBeLightPVCC.com, www.LetThereBeLightPVCC.com, http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Let-There-Be-Light/21445228606

Let There Be Light is the ninth annual, one-night, outdoor art exhibition that will feature light-centered art installations and performances as the longest night of the year approaches – ten days before the winter solstice. The exhibit will be held on the grounds surrounding the V. Earl Dickinson Building at Piedmont Virginia Community College on Friday, December 11th, 6 – 9 PM (Rain date: Saturday, December 12th). The exhibit will be free and open to the public. We are pleased that CenturyLink is the sponsor for this year’s event for the second year in a row.

Here are some highlights of this year’s event: Michelle Cooper is returning with Dance Move Burglar 2.0, a sequel to her surprising and delightful performance featuring dancing, light-stick figures, first seen at Let there Be Light in 2008. The lake in back of the Dickinson Building will be invaded by the creatures of the lagoon in Mark Nizer’s, The Lake and Monolith, which will incorporate video mapping on water. : Illuminated performers create ambient sculpture in Annie Temmink’s performance piece, Nightwalker. Jarn Heil, a crowd favorite, will be mesmerizing the masses with Swarm —“flickering, colorful, night fliers swarming overhead.” See below, for more details about these and other participating artists.

Visitors are invited to come as “enlightened beings” decorated in light. Everyone is encouraged to bring a flashlight. Hot chocolate, hot apple cider and tasty treats will be served to warm visitors. The event is curated by James Yates.

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A Dream For Sophie (2015) – Susan Watts

Enchanted field illuminated by suspended clouds of light.

Pipeline (2015) – Visualabs

Visualabs’ Pipeline is a site specific installation serving the needs of our community. Utilizing state of the art high pressurization Wavicle™ technology, Pipeline unlocks an ocean of artistic expression from vibratory formations deep in the earth’s crust to provide convenient, low risk, irreversible creative content to Charlottesville and beyond. This installation, first seen in Yard Dreams this past September, is resurfacing in its second iteration with never before seen expanded features.


Ground Control (2015) – Travis Thatcher, Peter Bussigel & Luke Dahl

An interactive audio-visual experience where groups of people create patterns of light and sound by walking, tapping, scraping, and dancing on the court.

Nightwalker (2015) – Annie Temmink

Illuminated performers create ambient sculpture.






Light-Seeking Mission (2015) – Beryl Solla & James Yates

A step-by-step guide to seeing the light in its multifarious forms. Just read the easy to follow instructions and go into the light.

Goth Kite (2015) – Russell Richards

A kite meant to be flown at night.

The Lake and Monolith (2015) – Mark Nizer

Video Mapping on Water. Meet the creatures of the lagoon at PVCC. Interact with the cube wall and activate the creatures of the lagoon. This is a culmination of years of playing with video mapping, 3D animation and show control. Projectors provided my Got It Made Productions and Steve Hunter.

Swarm (2015) – Jarn Heil

Flickering, colorful night fliers swarming overhead.

The Materiality of Light (2015) – Chris Haske

We will capture light in a transparent chamber. As light passes into the chamber its materiality becomes apparent. It is a mere glimpse because light is an ephemeral beast. Created with Peabody School art students.

Haske-The Materiality of Light(web)