Nightwalker (2015) – Annie Temmink

Illuminated performers create ambient sculpture.






Light-Seeking Mission (2015) – Beryl Solla & James Yates

A step-by-step guide to seeing the light in its multifarious forms. Just read the easy to follow instructions and go into the light.

Goth Kite (2015) – Russell Richards

A kite meant to be flown at night.

The Lake and Monolith (2015) – Mark Nizer

Video Mapping on Water. Meet the creatures of the lagoon at PVCC. Interact with the cube wall and activate the creatures of the lagoon. This is a culmination of years of playing with video mapping, 3D animation and show control. Projectors provided my Got It Made Productions and Steve Hunter.

Swarm (2015) – Jarn Heil

Flickering, colorful night fliers swarming overhead.

The Materiality of Light (2015) – Chris Haske

We will capture light in a transparent chamber. As light passes into the chamber its materiality becomes apparent. It is a mere glimpse because light is an ephemeral beast. Created with Peabody School art students.

Haske-The Materiality of Light(web)

Lunar Landspeeder (2015) – Rose Guterbock & A.I. Miller

An illuminated moving diarama of a very high-tech looking Lunar Landspeeder.

Galactica (2015) – John Grant, Jacob Chang-Rascle & Shane Matthews

A short video fantasy based on a photography project which explores the celestial shapes and forms that occur in simple blocks of ice.

Grant et al-Galactica(1)

Olo (2015) – Mark Edwards

Olo breathes light from her front and back. She sucks up electricity like a junkie huffs paint, InOutInOut. Inside her maw, rows of teeth chewing up souls, hopes, and dreams, swallowing it all down, pooping out fibre optics loaded with photons. She come from a place calt Oloville, filt with other Olo, big and small. Only this Olo get up the hill to the Community College.

Fire and Smoke: Episode IV – Tom Clarkson & Nancy Ross

Raku demonstration with PVCC ceramic students.

2a-More Fire & Smoke-Clarkson&Ross